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Saturday, September 09, 2006

whahahax.. jovin bloggin here.. heex.. jingwen when is ur com gng to be recover? lolx.. aniiwae
todae the 6 of us studyin together hor? heeheex.. get chased out at TGCC .. haix.. sad sia.. so
paiseh OMG! den we went to MAc studied .. dat was totally no concentration dere larhx.. so
noisy and smelly.. hah.. sittin near the toilet.. GOSh mAnx! haing our dinner at j8 But
onlii the 4 of us which was mii, u , sockhoon and liwei.. but still we chat a lot at KFC.. i realised
dat fast food restuarant is a place where mostly we'll start chattin abt our life in Pri sch..rite?
heex.. den we went for a walk in j8 to digest ourselve in another way.. One stone 2 birds .. XD so
it was 8 pm and we went to j8 liBraRy STUDYING!! wahHAHhaa.. Okax.. i will stOp
here ...
FASTER coMe back and blog .. >.<

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11:58 PM

Friday, August 04, 2006

when is my com going to be ok??..i m going crazy..i need my com!!..recently, my mood have been going up and down..sometimes i really feel like i stress??..dun think so bahx..puberty?!haa..maebe.i tried to blast my ears with loud works.(:mr yip sae gals will stop growing at the age of 18..while guys 21..and i realised that my height have stopped growing..since height has been maintained at 162.5...1)plz..just let me grow for another 0.5cm..!!..2)transformation is making me crazy.but i believe i can zhen fu ta.yesh!!.3)i have the momentum to study i'm going to biang!!4)we r going to have our special walk tml..gonna walk walk legs r having cramps to walk??..5)yeah!!bbq again on 08.08.2006.*saliva dripping*..6)national dae.can watch fireworks last yr!!

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1:30 PM

Monday, July 17, 2006

last and huayan went for a night swim at de condo near de amk first..we thought we might be stopped by the guard for trespassing..but nothing place realli damn nice..everywhere is water..we changed into our attire and went to play with the slides were not slippery we were liked stuck in the middle..haha.funny.after tat..we went to find de jacuzzi..after much effort..we managed to find was hiding in one corner..we pressed de button and de water came flowing out..we lie on the was realli song!!..almost fell asleep:X..den we went into de first de start..i was having difficulties in my breathing.den huayan went to adjust de temperature to 44' damn bloody hot..but after getting was realli quite su fu..haha..i almost cant see huayan due to the steam..wahaha.we stayed for about 10 mins..if we had stayed longer..i think i could have faint inside..after tat..we went back to swim again..we sat by de side..talking..den we saw this boy..he was playing with his com inside his rm..he was sitting with his leg wide we were discussing whether if his shorts is torned and den his ahem will b exposed...*evil laughters*..we went for a toilet is realli damn dirty..with balls of tissues sticking on the floor..yucks..
i found my key!..i left it at my fren's huz..hehe..scare me sia..i thought i cannot go hm..
we had our o lvl LC todae..finally finished our o lvl result will be out by next month..i'm afraid i needa retake de paper..but i checked my ans with dem..mostly all de same..hope we r all correct..XD..

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10:36 PM

Sunday, June 25, 2006

NC 16!!!
ydae was supposed to watch "scary movie 4"..(with jo,joy,weimin and eugene)..but we ended up in a arcade..wa ticket seller realli very wad lorh..must dey alwaes follow de rules..??..argh..but it was quite funny larh..i was late again..was supposed to meet at somerset at 4..but i left my huz at was not on purpose lorh..before tat i had to run an errand for my mummy..i m filial..haha..dey sae we cant watch dere..but i rmb de last time i went..still can lehx..anywae we insisted on watching movie we walked to shaw huz..we cant find de counter..:X..we were liked walking up and down..finalli found de and joy went to buy de tickets..but de auntie sae wanna check we jiu went back to get de IC..dis time round we went to the next counter..den de lady in her late thirties sae.." r ur 16??..16 means ur bdae have to be over and not just de yr lehx..blahx blahX.."..okok..actualli she wanted to sell us de tickets liao le..but she saw me holding de she sae she wanna take a look..fine..look lorh..but i nvr gave her wm's de..she asked us where is de other IC..i told her wm went to de toilet den i told her his bdae is over!! jun15!!..but she dun believe..fine.our plan 2nd time eugene and wm went to buy..sianz..still cannot..dun watch lorhh..:( ...we decided to take a bus to bugis..lolz..we were standing at de bus stop for so the end..we went have our dinner at a hawker food was okok larh..but ex..!!aft eating..we went to de arcade at bugis..had a game of skill deterioating..*dunnoe how to spell*..den we went to play bishi damn pro..arGh..aft..wm and joy went hm to watch wc..left de 3 of us..was shopping ard bugis street..but eugene looked so sian..ok..we were good..let's go hm..ended up..we were walking jovin hm..walked past little india..ohh..o many indians..a bit scared scared..dey dun look so kind..went to her huz to slack for a while..she sent us to de carpark..den me and eugene sort of ran to de mrt scared we will miss de last train..guess wad..i took de wrong took me to raffles..!!..i was all scared at dat moment.ok.i m timid.blehx.anywae..i still manage to reach hm..haha..
22/6 was xinyi bdae..5 of us ( xz, hy,bl,cly)..celebrated with her..we went to have steamboat at food was not very fresh..we sang birthdae song to her behind de alley..aft dat..we decided to go to the place where we watched chat..diaox.we reached raffles.went up de escalator.went into de train.came back to amk.dotz.dat's lame.fin..we really had nowhere to rest had went and xy sat under a block and started chatting till 11 plus..
holidae has ended..time to study hard..dunnoe whether i can keep up with de work anot..i realli needed start revising..dat dae ms loh told my papa..saying i have been daydreaming in class..did i??...fine.i m going to prove to her i did not.

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9:43 PM

Saturday, June 17, 2006

hmm.i m at lw's huz her room computer was spoilt!! i'm afraid that my com needa be reformat..I DUN WAN...reformat means all my photos and songs will be gone..sianx larh..i have so many precious depressed..nvrdeless...i still have so much fun todae..we(ning,jo,sock,joy and wm) went to lw's huz to play..wahaha..her hus was so damn song larh..bungalow lehx..Ruskie( her dog) was SO cute...he kept wagging its tail..before joy and wm reached, 5 of us went to her function rm(at de basement) to play "monopoly" was fun..we played for 1 hr plus..den joy and wm jiu came..we played "taboo"..a game which require one of the person frm each grp to use body language to express what he or she wanna sae..hmm..our team won..three cheers to the 3 Js..(joy jo jing VS ning wei sock)..haha..after dat, we decided to go for a swim..haha..she lent us her shirts and shorts..and we were like 6 crazy peeps..she took out a very big float...we decided that all of us will sit on this float and have a photo shoot..after countless attempts..we failed. but it was real fun..HAH!...we were luffing like mad gals on the swimming left first cus she had a basketball match todae..we continued to play..hopping dat our skin colour will become bout 6 plus..we went to bathe at a public toilets..2 in each went with sock while me went with first..we were like so embarrassed..but den ltr on..we decided to take off we r inside her rm..busy taking photos..byE..
*who can tell me how to fix my com???..*

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6:32 PM

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

todae went out with my pri sch frenz..not bad..i was late..supposed to meet dem at 1040 at my hus downstair..but i woke up at 1020..luckily i was not de latest..didn expect any guys to go along..but dey went..wahaha..hmm..everybody has changed..physically..heez..realised tat i'm actualli quite short..*saD*..11 of us went..5 boys of the guys was my fren's fren..didnt know him much..onli knew his name was Ryan..we went to PS to watch " she's de man"..wahaha..funny show..i was luffing throughout..before de movie even started..we had finished our nachos and popcorn combos..XD..didnt expect de movie to be nice..didnt expect it to be full house also..haha..must go watch lehx..before dat, we went to de arcade..wahaha..congrate!!...i nvr spent my $$ on any of the games..actualli wanna play de car racing de..but dey dun de movie, we jiu walked to orchard to meet two other frenz..went to yoshi to have our dinner..den we parted..i mean me and dem..cus i have tuition!!! i jiu came back to amk while dey went to far east to continue with deir dae..sianz.nan de gt one time can go out with dem..haix..this shows that i m a guai kia..cus i nvr skipped tuition.heez.oh yA!!..forget to take photos with dem..
yeah.[me,sherlyn,peimin,xiangwei,zhihui,cheryl Q,jason,canti,zhipei,dunjie,hanwei,weijun,ryan]

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11:37 PM

Sunday, June 11, 2006

i am dying, i m still blogging..wahaha~afternoon went to see singapore see joakim..lolz.hmm.not as many cb peeps as i thot.haha.also not as many ppl as i first i thot dere will be so many ppl tat i need to jump to see dem..lolz..anywae..aft dat went to bugis to eat steamboat with full..lolz..ate alot of jin zhen gu..wahaha~..den while we were eating..dere was dis cat which kept scrolling under our cute!! was very scared of we chased it away..BUT it came back cried..>.<...haix..den we jiu use our fish to lure de cat away..anywae de fish also not fresh..we dun wan eat le..haha..den i used my chopstick, took de fish..woo..den de cat followed me cute..meow!..i put de fish dere..den i watched ..den it dun wanna eat..X( walked away..den it jiu eat..XD...den we went to enjoy our dinner..den..DE CAT CAME BACK!! shouted..den she threw de prawn head at de cat..den de cat ran away..came back again..den she threw again..came and threw...came and the floor alot of prawn heads..anywae de cat problem is over..we were luffing and eating..den luff and de food in her mouth came flying out..OH NO!...dey flew out and one of it dropped into my mouth..and de other landed on the table and jo's realli cant finished out food..but we were clever...:Xwe stuffed de food in between de plates..*clap clap*..wahaha..finished eating le..nothing betta to do..we bought super big gulp..and compete..see who finished and sh VS lw and jo..wahaha..guess who win??..>.<..we shopped for a while den went hm..woo..luckily i reach hm my parents zzz liao..if not sure get scolding de..cus alreadi 12 plus..wahaha~

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12:45 AM